A downloadable game

Floss - because cleanliness is a virtue. I probably have 3 dozen plugins and assets from the Corona Marketplace and I thought a jam would be the perfect place to try to combine as many as possible to increase the quality of a 4-hour-coded app.

I started out with 8 plugins and several assets, making a playground where I could mash up the plugins in interesting ways. I appreciated the challenging theme of "Virtue" and eventually the idea of cleanliness meets oral hygiene emerged.

I reached the 4-hour mark and thought I was jamming until I tried the app on device. Then it was like a royal rumble of geeky treasures. Terrain squared off against SSK, while Gesture and my Trig Engine combined forces to pummel any and all Android devices. I probably could have tamed those beasts but not with my Dynamic Shader running in the background. In the end, I was forced to drop Gesture and replace is with a more simple touch detection that was already part of my Trig Engine. I got Terrain and SSK to declare a truce but not before spending another 2 hours coding. So my grand total is between 6 and 7 hours depending on how loosely I define coding.

Enjoy the game and keep those teeth clean!


Floss.apk 33 MB